Kirsi Marie Liimatainen



Kirsi Marie Liimatainen was born in Finland in 1968. She has an MA degree in Theatre and Drama studies of the University of Tampere. From 1991-1999, she worked as an actress in films, television and in theatres in Finland. From 1999-2006, she studied directing at the Potsdam-Babelsberg Academy of Film and Television. Her filmography as a writer/director covers Modlicha (doc, 30 min, 2001), Frühlingshymne (fiction, 45 min, 2002), Sonja (fiction, 73 min, 2006), Alavilla mailla hallan vaara (fiction, mini-tv-series, 3x50 min 2010), Festung (fiction, 87 min. 2011) and Comrade, where are you today? (doc, 112 min, 2016) She has received residencies & grants from Residence du Festival Cannes, Paris, France, CÉCI Moulin d’Ande, France, Academy of Arts Berlin, Germany, Nipkow-Foundation, Berlin, Germany, DEFA-Foundation, Berlin, Germany, Binger Filmlab, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Finnish Cultural Foundation & Finnish Film Foundation.

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