Slawomir Idziak



Among his nearly 70 credits is a wide range of films , shot in various countries. In his native Poland, Slawomir Idziak worked as a scriptwriter,film director and mostly as director of photography on a number of notable movies but most memorably with the great director, Krzysztof Kieslowski (A Short Film About Killing, The Double Live of Veronique, Three Colors: Blue). In the Nineties he was the director of photography on I Want You, Weltmeister ,The Journey of August King, Mannerpension, Men With Guns Gattaca and The Last September. His first big budget action drama was Proof of Life which was followed by Black Hawk Down , King Arthur and Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix. Idziak also teaches at many workshops and film schools throughout the world. For his Work as DoP he recieves many awards on international film festivals(Venice,London, Berlin,Prague,Auckland) and nomination for Academy Award.

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