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TFL Extended - Film 2022 | Madrid

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A deep dive into the writing process through an intensive development workshop.


TFL Extended – Film is addressed to teams of international professionals, with projects at an early development stage who are willing to dive deep into the writing process through an intensive development workshop.

Participants will have the rare opportunity to discuss their work in group sessions and one-to-one meetings with high profile tutors and to develop their projects with the help of a creative team of talented writers.

TFL Extended – Film is aimed at encouraging the creative process necessary to achieve the best possible result for conceiving strong stories, which can meet audience and market’s requirements.

The workshop offers coaching and training adapted to the specific professionals’ needs, along a 5-day trajectory.

On top of that, the participants will have the chance to join the TFL community of international and high-qualified professionals and to network with their colleagues during the workshop.
Professionals can enhance their skills while finding productive collaborations and networking with international colleagues.

TFL Extended 2022 is organised thanks to the partnerships with Comunidad de MadridAyuntamiento de Madrid and Madrid Film Office

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Where: in person, in Madrid (Spain)

When: from 7th to 11th September


25 feature film projects at an early development stage presented by international scriptwriters or writers/directors together with a producer (if on board) have been selected and divided into 5 groups.

Throughout the workshop, the participants will test a vast range of possibilities for the creative development of their projects by working on the treatment.

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Let’s get to know them a bit more!


Benart Laze (Albania)

Albania, 1997 – People lost all their savings in the collapse of the financial pyr- amid schemes. Almost every family is affected and the desperate situation trig- gers civil anarchy.

Norma Velàsquez and Clara Santaolaya (Spain)

After Lena tries to suicide, she decides to go with her grandfather, an Alzheimer's patient, in order to find antique home movie becuase she thinks that ir can help the both to get better.

Jure Kreft and Darko Sintic (Slovenia)

Isolated man moves to an elderly home with his sick mother where he discovers real life experiences.

Domien Huyghe and Wendy Huyghe (Belgium)

1995 - A teenage girl finds her place with a group of animal rights activists, but ends up in a vortex of young love, law-bending and extremism.


Julia Horrillo Pla and Norbert Llaràs Carles (Spain)

While trying to contact her cousin, Awa (13) migrant who just reached the coast of Spain dressed as a boy, recalls the most relevant episodes of her journey.

Petra Koivula and Jani Ilomäki (Finland)

When a new baby, Googoo, is born into the Hullabaloo family, it turns their everyday life upside down.

Davi De Oliveira Pinheiro and Julia Cazarrè (Brazil)

Facing the insignificance of his life, architecture professor Alexandre (49) seeks redemption in a false altruistic project.

Lane Shipsey (Ireland)

When the oil refinery shuts and is taken over by the military, Demetria at first resists forced evacuation, then with other displaced people she begins farming on the grounds of a disused hotel nearby, but when their secret is rumbled they go elsewhere within Greece to find safety.

Mavie Maher and Farrah Halawa (Egypt)

An Egyptian woman goes through a battle to prove that she doesn't have to choose between her motherhood and her freedom.

Ana Asensio and Emilia Fort (Spain)

Madrid, 1988. Elena (8) will receive her First Communion soon and lives anguished by the idea of death andof eating “Christ’s body” until she meets Serezade (8) and her goat. They embark on an adventure learning to live without fear.

Olga Rozanova (UK)

Decades after the family fell apart, father and daughter try to rebuild the relationship, navigating betrayal and a lifetime of lies - only to be separated again over the war in Ukraine.

“Hope” is about blood ties, but most of all it is about love, hope and our capacity to forgive in the increasingly divided world.

Paola Bonsembiante and Luca Zambolin (Italy)

Three Venezuelan sisters who have recently moved to Italy cope with their transition to adulthood during the Years of Lead.

Francesca Català Margarit and Alix Johanna Torres Gómez (Spain)

Can a group of female field hockey players from a different generation and ambition become a competitive team?

Echè Janga (Netherlands)

When Franklin (17) gets the chance to sit out his sentence on Curac¸ao at the bee farm of his estranged father, he realises family is everything he ever longed for.

Jason Bradbury (UK)

A thirty-six year old British HGV lorry driver decides to help a young man escape from homophobic persecution in Poland. However, when they are stopped by the police near the border, they tell a different story about why he is on the run; he is wanted for murder.

Samuel Lema Ferreira and Daniel Froiz Guedes (Spain)

LI´A (12) is violently bullied at the High School. Everything will change after the irruption in her life of her father, ROBER, furtive shell fisher and ex-junkie.

MADE IN 1999
Alejandro Cortès Calahorra and Usha Jadhav (Spain)

After committing a racist crime, a teen daughter of immigrants flees to the false paradise of an amu- sement park on the Mediterranean coast where she must reconcile with her own foreign blood.

Roberto Ruiz Céspedes and Ivan Ruiz Céspedes (Spain)

Teo discovers that his missing sister, Marma, suffers from Huntington's Disease and he has to help her solve their dark past together before she dies.

Day Garcìa and Josh Wroe (Spain)
A woman joins her pregnant friend to a secluded doula community, only to realise the idyllic surroundings are not what they seem.

Ahmad Yuniardi (Indonesia)

A woman who inherits the ability to see a particular ghost decides to marry a stranger that makes the ghost go away, only to discover that the man is the real evil in her life.

Federico Urdaneta (Colombia)

In the middle of a new ice age, a giant arrives at a funeral claiming to be the family’s long lost son. His brother, however, is not sure he believes him.

Gabriela Paciel and Luke Brookshier (USA)

After the habitants of a small town in Mexico stop attending church, Father Mario, the priest of the congregation, starts faking miracles to rebuild his people’s faith.

Alexis Kirkland (UK)

A dark comedy sci-fi about Dave, middle-aged and unfit, who wakes from his perfect Virtual Reality life to find that society has advanced so much that he’s been deemed pointless.
Stuck in a solar power facility with his mate Gary and an empathetic robot, he has to learn to adapt quickly, and convince his wife and everyone else he can change... otherwise he will be deleted.

Rosanne Flynn (UK)

Based on a true story, a victim of domestic violence in 1970s London turns the tables on toxic masculinity and helps to establish the world’s first women’s refuge.

Artur Wyrzykowsky (Poland)

When father learns that his son is the perpetrator of a school massacre, he hides out with him in a random flat where woman is having a home abortion.

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