August 01, 2023

Reaching the Lido: TFL at Venice 2023

There’s no September without the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. We are always in a state of combined happiness and excitement when a TFLfilm (or more than one) is featured in the Festival’s selection. Guess what? This time we got four.

Reaching the Lido: TFL at Venice 2023

Three titles will be part of the Orizzonti section: 

- AN ENDLESS SUNDAY is the first feature of the Italian director Alain Parroni and was developed together with the ScriptLab class of 2018.

- HEARTLESS by Nara Normande and Tião is a Brazilian-French co-production that joined TorinoFilmLab very recently, specifically with FeatureLab 2020.

- CITY OF WIND by the Mongolian director Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir has a very long story with TFL started with ScriptLab 2019, continued with FeatureLab 2021 and completed with the TFL Audience Design Fund 2023 (€ 45.000). 

Furthermore, the Settimana Internazionale della Critica’s schedule will feature SKY PEALS by the British director Moin Hussai, the script of the current film took shape also thanks to ScriptLab back in 2019.  

We wish the best of luck also to our alumna
Fien Troch whose new title, HOLLY, will join the main competition. 

See you in Venice, everyone!

In the still: a picture from HEARTLESS. 

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