Alain Parroni



Alain Parroni was born in Rome, 1992. After completing secondary school, getting the diploma in arts of Graphics and Photography at the Art Institute of Pomezia, where he learnt the cinematic fundamentals of the traditional animation motion picture, he continues his path by exploring the many connections between graphic design and motion picture, making his debut by co-directing one of the episodes of the animation picture AETERNA. In 2015, Stefan Seigmaster, graphic design guru, is persuaded by him during the RUFA Contest and offers him a job interview in New York, who will help him grow in the visual art field and to live a period in the Big Apple. From 2014, he researches and realizes different products, together with the THREEAB team, born in the Rome University of Fine Arts, being recognized with many awards, like “Best Direction” for the short film DRUDO in the 48 hours film project 2015, winning piece in the Atlanta Filmapalooza 2016, and finally a special mention during the appointment of roman “nastri d'argento” 2016 for the short film “IL MIRACOLO”. In 2016, the jury of RUFA contest 2016, chaired by canadian designer Karim Rashid, rewarded him for an experimental project on the spaces where he grew up, made in VR. In the same year he presented the IOV short film at the Rome Film Festival in the “Alice nelle Città” section, a short film in which he was involved in the meticulous reconstruction of an Arctic environment, treat, the film, the shipwreck of the ITALY airship at the north pole, in the laying theater and will win first place in the "ITALIAN CINEMA NOW" category of the Venice Film Week. In 2017 he graduated with 110 and was honored in the Arts of Cinematography at the Rome University of Fine Arts and his short film ADAVEDE is presented at the 74th International Venice Film Festival in the International Critics Week and selected in competition at the 59th edition of the Zinebi International Bilbao Festival. In the same year, in the early months he began to attend the Regia course at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome and to work as Street Casting at Indigo Film s.r.l. for the film LORO by Paolo Sorrentino.

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