Giulio Pennacchi



Giulio Pennacchi was born in Genzano in Rome on May 6, 1993. He immediately demonstrated a strong predisposition for fiction and cinematic stories: he is passionate about every type of film and well-narrated stories. After completed high school, he joined the Rome University of Fine Arts, in the section Cinematography, where he shot his post-apocalyptic short film SECLUSION that was selected and screened in Paris during the third edition of the International Short Film Festival Parachute Light Zero. Meanwhile, Giulio joined the company Threeab and started to write together with director Alain Parroni the short film DRUDO for the 48 Hour Film Festival: the film not only won the "Best Film" prize but was also awarded "Best Director", "Best Director of Photography", "Best Actress" and received an Universal Prize nomination. It has been praised several times on various radio stations that have exalted the extremely elaborate plot. Currently Giulio Pennacchi continues to work as a screenwriter in the collective Threeab, after graduating with full honors (110 and Lode) from his degree in Cinematography. Recently, he also took part as a collaborator in the screenplay directed by Mordini, written by Filippo Bologna, with actor Riccardo Scamarcio among the cast.

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