Chiara Laudani



Born in Cagliari, she attended the Holden School's Master in storytelling techniques. Trained in the scriptwriting course at Rai and Mediaset Lab, winner of the Premio Solinas in 1997. He works as an author, creator and screenwriter for TV, documentary and cinema. Script Consultant Torino Film Lab - TFL extended - TFL Next Script Consultant Biennale di Venezia College, Cinema Les Alpes Film Lab - Annecy - Creare Storie Anica-Netflix Roma, CSC Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Holden - Scuola Volonté . Author and creator of series - among other projects - ‘883’ for Groenlandia Production/ Sky; ‘Lolita Lobosco’ Rai and Bibi Film. ‘Mrs. Playman’ Netflix and Banijay. Documentaries ‘Zero to Zero’, ‘War of the Volcanoes’, ‘Looking for Kadjia’, ‘Giusva’. Mockumentary ‘The Forgotten World Cup’. Among the latest scripts in preparation: ‘Ingrid’ for Svenska Filminstitutet. "Gli ospiti" regia di Alessio Cremonini.

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