Finbarr Wilbrink



Dutch/Irish film director Finbarr Wilbrink enjoyed an acting career as a teenager in the Netherlands, playing the lead role in the Dutch feature De Kersenpluk (1996). He then travelled to his Irish mother’s country to step behind the camera and study film at the Irish National Film School in Dublin. Finbarr graduated in 2002 with a short film Tobias in which the demon Asmedeus had bewitched the good Irishman Tobias and compelled him to take a church hostage.   In 2007 Finbarr won the audience award at the 48-hour film festival in Amsterdam with a western called Baxt in which two superstitious bountyhunters try to escape destiny.   In 2009 Finbarr directed the short film In Limbo. The film shows three actors searching for the essence of their craft but finding hell in each other. Alongside his own productions, Finbarr directs commercials, company films and sales promos. As an editor, he has worked on various projects, like Sept, Project Catwalk and music DVD’s for bands such as the American group Live.

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