Shahrbanoo Sadat



Shahrbanoo Sadat, 1991, is a female scriptwriter and director based in Hamburg, Germany since last year after Kabul’s fall. Her debut film Wolf and Sheep won the top award at Directors’ Fortnight 2016. The film was developed with the Cannes Cinefondation Residency in 2010, Shahrbanoo was 20 years old at the time – the youngest ever selected for the residency. She premiered her second feature The Orphanage at the same section at Cannes Film Festival in 2019. Shahr studied documentary filmmaking at the Kabul workshop of Atelier Varan in 2009. Her first short fiction Vice Versa One was selected at Directors’ Fortnight 2011. Both Wolf and Sheep and The Orphanage are part of her pentalogy project (5 feature films) based on Anwar Hashimi’s autobiographical text of 800 pages. At the moment, Shahrbanoo develops the third part, Kabul Jan, a romantic comedy.

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