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FrameWork supports emerging talents with individually tailored tools for development, financing and marketing.

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TARGET PARTICIPANTS: creative teams of writer, director and producer from all over the world, working together on 1st or 2nd fiction feature films projects. FrameWork focuses on projects at an advanced stage of development.

FrameWork projects will have the chance to compete for the TFL World Production Awards and the Audience Award, the TFL Awards supporting the production process (see Funding).

DURATION: 2 residential workshops and the TFL Meeting Event in November 2016.

FEE: 2.000 Euro (per team of 2 people). 
Scholarships may be assigned by merit.


About FrameWork

FrameWork supports emerging talents with individually tailored tools for development, financing and marketing9 creative teams – composed of writer, director and producer – are selected to enter the programme, which lasts from May to November 2016. FrameWork focuses both on artistic & creative aspects and on production strategies through 2 residential workshops. 

Close dialogue and individual meetings will help participants to define their project’s aims and needs, in order to strengthen its strong points and resources. Intense script and project development enhance the projects in reaching the production stage. TorinoFilmLab will support each team to realize the most suitable production strategy.

Participants will have the chance to meet various guest trainers, experts in the main areas of filmmaking: script, directing, image, sound, post-production, etc. 

These different approaches help participants to view their project from many angles, raising awareness on its potential and thus defining a consistent working plan. The diversity of trainers guarantees a tailored and updated method, so to fit the diversities and specificities of each project at best.

FrameWork foresees the public presentation of all projects in front of hundreds of industry professionals during the TFL Meeting Event in November 2016, during the Torino Film Festival. On this occasion an international Jury will award some projects with a number of TFL World Production Awards. In addition, the attending industry professionals will assign an Audience Award. For further details on TorinoFilmLab's support to production visit the pages dedicated to Funding.

Who can apply?

FrameWork is dedicated to creative teams of writer, director and producer from all over the world, developing a 1st or 2nd fiction feature film project

Conditions of eligibility:
- the project must be the director’s 1st or 2nd feature film;
- at least a first draft of the script must be ready when applying;
- shooting must not begin earlier than December, 1st 2016.

Participation fees & Scholarships

Participation fee: 2.000 Euro (per team of 2 people).
Scholarships may be assigned by merit.

This amount covers workshop training, on-line sessions, accommodation and subsistence during the workshops. Participants must pay travel costs. In many countries scholarships are available for this type of training. 

How to apply?

Please click on the "Apply Now!" button in the right-side column of this page to access the on-line application form and submit your project. Before starting the application process, you will need to create an account on the TFL Visitor Page.

The materials you will be requested to submit in the on-line application form are the following:

1) Synopsis – 1 page max.
2) Intention note – 1 page max.
3) Script
4) Mood board – 10 pages max.
5) Web links to previous works
6) Biographies of writer, director & producer
7) Production company profile – 3 pages max.
8) Financing plan & detailed budget – including structure of co-production
9) Development/production timetable
10) Marketing & distribution strategy – 3 pages max.

Deadline for applications: February 15th, 2016, 12:00 p.m. CET (noon)

For more information please contact:


The Selected projects of the TorinoFilmLab FrameWork programme must indicate TorinoFilmLab support in the closing credits, by displaying the TorinoFilmLab logo, together with the caption "Supported by TorinoFilmLab".

The Selected and Awarded projects must indicate TorinoFilmLab support both in the opening and closing credits, by displaying the TorinoFilmLab logo, together with the caption "Funded by TorinoFilmLab".

Workshop dates

1st residential workshop: 30 May-6 June 2016 (Izola, Slovenia)
2nd residential workshop and Meeting Event: 20-25 November 2016 (Turin, Italy)

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