Vincent Poymiro



Vincent Poymiro began working as a journalist and a theatre producer. He started writing for screen and stage in the late 90’s. He wrote “Tehilim” with director Raphaël Nadjari. The film premiered in the official competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Since then, Vincent has been working on various projects for both cinema and TV, as well as “writing” for contemporary dance, clown and physical theater. He teaches scriptwriting at home and abroad, and has launched his own production company, PERPETUAL SOUP. Vincent is the creator, and co-writer, with David Elkaïm, of the television series CHURCHMEN (French title - Ainsi Soient Ils, 3 seasons) , as well as of EN THERAPIE, the french adaptation of the BeTipul format, and GONE FOR GOOD, a limited Netflix series based on the Harlan Coben novel. He co-wrote the Arthur Harari feature film ONODA, selected for the 2021 Cannes Festival.

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