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The lives of ten strangers intertwine when they join a weight-loss camp and are faced not only with the battle against their bodies, but also their minds – and each other.

SeriesLab 2018
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Title: Albatros
Year: 2020
Directed by: Wannes Destoop
Produced by: De Wereldvrede – Belgium
Country: Belgium


This tragicomic fiction series focuses on ten obese men and women, who want to improve their lives and therefore participate in the "Albatros" slimming camp in the Ardennes. However, upon arrival it’s clear that they carry not only physical, but also emotional excess weight. The atmosphere quickly gets heated. The participants are physically challenged by a not so subtle coach. And the group therapist looks into their souls as she tries to get them out of their comfort zone. The protective layers with which they kept the outside world and their past at a distance are peeled off one by one. Until the once obese inspirer of the camp, whom they look up to, seems to carry a dark secret within himself.

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Title: Albatros

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