October 19, 2023

TorinoFilmLab’s journey towards sustainability

We do have a cultural impact and a social accountability. Why not be disseminators of the ideals we believe in?

At TorinoFilmLab we know that sustainability is an urgent matter and playing our part is crucial, we decided to do our best to prioritise social responsibility through several actions and activities.

In 2019, we established the White Mirror and Green Filming awards to support filmmakers and producers who embrace these values, incorporating them into their stories and sets. But we wanted to do more. 

Since 2022, Green Film Lab is the TFL programme working for a greener audiovisual production and we have also included green consultancies and masterclasses in the modules of our main programmes, such as FeatureLab and ScriptLab.

However, being sustainable means more than being greener.

Starting in 2023 TorinoFilmLab embarked on a three-year path to sustainability improvement according to ISO 20121, an international standard for managing sustainable events that offers guidance and best practice to control the social, economic and environmental impact of the event.

Thanks to the constant support of experts in the field, we came up with a list of concrete actions to reach our sustainability goals while organising our co-production market: 

Ecological goals

  • Prioritise event venues within walking distance
  • Produce only necessary materials preferring recycled and reusable materials
  • Reduce the use of printed paper / use only certified ecological paper
  • Replace printed catalogues with digital  
  • Negotiate with hotels and venues to avoid plastic cups, bottles and single-use products
  • Set up a recycling system / improve recycling practices / implement separate waste collection
  • Create gadgets and lanyards using recycled materials
  • Offer mostly vegetarian meals and seasonal/regional/Km0 products when possible
  • Calculate the impact of the event, create a strategy to reduce the CO2 emissions and compensate for CO2 emitted by guest's travels

Ethical, Social and Economic goals

  • Prioritise local suppliers and involve no-profit companies
  • Ensure accessibility and inclusiveness of all participants: listen to and accommodate the needs of all participants without any exclusion
  • Donate food surpluses to no-profit organisations
  • Encourage dialogue on sustainability with suppliers, partners and staff
  • Communicate sustainable actions to our network and stakeholders
  • Create awareness
  • Develop ethical code


If you'd like to read integrally our Sustainability Policy you can find it here

These are just some of the actions we are implementing to reduce the impact of the TFL Meeting Event which we intend to further improve during the three years journey necessary to obtain the certification and, of course, in the future in general.

 TFL observes the changes in the world reflected in the narratives of the films and TV series we love. We will continue to propose actions and activities that respond to its changing needs, hopefully with the help of our long-lasting TFL community. 

We believe it, and we are going to work hard on it. Are you with us? 

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